The Education on Diversity – Challenges and Inspirations


The aim of the nationwide conference entitled “Education on Diversity – Challenges and Inspirations” (April 2016) was to sum up the progress with respect to activities performed within the framework of the “Faces of Diversity” programme as well as to get together and consider the challenges which lie ahead of cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations which focus on diversity education. In addition, we also wanted to create an opportunity for the exchange of good practices in the field of inter-cultural and anti-discriminatory activities.

The conference encompassed both lectures and workshops. The lectures were presented by Professor Małgorzata Fuszara, director of the Institute for Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw as well as Jeremy Nesoff (Facing History and Ourselves).

During our workshops, the participants were able to consider the challenges related, among others, to the inclusion of local context in their activities and to the implementation of interdisciplinary projects. We have also shared our experiences concerning the cycles of events related to historical education and multiculturalism in Warsaw which we have organised, as well as experiences concerning anti-discriminatory practices, artist-in-residence programmes and programmes designed for people with disabilities.

Conference program (separate document)

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