Polish-Norwegian seminars

Teaching and learning Polish and Jewish history as a way towards shared life in a diverse and pluralistic society

For four years (2014-2017), POLIN Museum employees and experts from cooperating Polish organisations have met every year with experts from Norwegian institutions and organisations to discuss the relations between historical education and multicultural, civic and human rights education. Theoretical discussions have been combined with methodological exchange of inspirations and sharing of good practices. An important theme that linked all the seminars was a discussion on updating history in educational activities, including the role of historical education in meeting contemporary challenges of a diverse Europe.

The seminars have been prepared within the European Wergeland Centre – POLIN Museum partnership. The participants and experts included academics from Poland and Norway as well as representatives of the following institutions and organisations: Humanity in Action, Centre for Citizenship Education, Stacja Muranów, HL-Centre, 22 July Centre, Falstad Centre, Narvikcentre, Arkivet, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Freie Universität Berlin, and Euroclio.

fot. M Starowieyska/ Muzeum POLIN