Intercultural tours

How can we tell important personal stories through the prism of urban space? Which locations in Warsaw serve as significant spots for intercultural meetings? How to organise tours of the city which are fascinating and inclusive at the same time? How can we avoid following the same stereotypes over and over again during the tours we organise?

In 2015, we invited migrants living in Warsaw as well as Warsaw city guides to participate in an educational course entitled “Multiculturalism in urban space”. The course became an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of the capital city – of its multicultural heritage and contemporary diversity – as well as to enhance one’s intercultural skills. The course programme included workshops, a meeting with a Warsaw historian as well as debates and anti-discrimination workshops. Teams consisting of tour guides and representatives of various cultures have jointly worked on tour paths which would allow Warsaw to be discovered anew. Every participant of the course also took part in preparing and leading a tour which followed the footsteps of multiculturalism. In the end, the combined competences of tour guides and migrants allowed us to create four tours in total: the “New multicultural Muranów” tour, the embassy trail – “Around the world in three hours”, the “Ukrainian Warsaw, Varsovian Ukraine” tour and the “Warsaw East Slavic inspirations – culture, science and art” tour.

tot. M. Starowieyska/Muzeum POLIN

The entire course turned out to be a great success and received praise from its participants; this led us to decide that in 2016 we would organise a new course entitled “MultiWarsaw – cultures, spaces and our stories”. This edition was conducted in partnership with the Multicultural Centre in Warsaw, allowing the programme to be extended to include further meetings and debates. Once again, migrants and professional tour guides joined forces to design four multicultural tours: “Petit Grand Tour: tastes, countries and customs”, "From the World to Warsaw, from Warsaw to the World" – a tour of the city centre in the footsteps of migrants, “Karaites, Orthodox Christians and Mormons” – an intercultural tour and "Multicultural Praga: past and present" – an intercultural tour.


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