On multiculturalism

Between religions

A series of activities for adults that focus on the similarities, differences and dialogue between the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

On differences and diversity

A cycle of debates in the course of which we have examined the concepts of “difference” and “diversity”, asking ourselves where they can be found and whether they serve to enrich our reality or whether they merely form the course of conflicts.


The POLIN Choir is a POLIN Museum-affiliated social and experimental choir composed of professionals and amateurs, juniors, adults and seniors, and representatives of minorities living in Warsaw.

Neighbourly meetings

Projects designed for the close neighbours of the POLIN Museum – the residents of the Muranów district, including the inauguration of the “Recipe for Muranów” Neighbour Initiative.

Intercultural tours

Projects designed to be implemented over an extended period, aimed at migrants, members of various minorities and professional city guides, resulting in the creation of special tours of the city of Warsaw.

On memory at the Museum

A cycle of activities focusing on the issue of memory and the role of museums in the process of forming, safeguarding and raising awareness thereof.

Excluded from memory

An event dedicated to the forgotten victims of the Nazi regime, including disabled persons, the Romani people and homosexuals, as well as to the contemporary ways in which memory is formed.

Discover Jewish Warsaw

A programme for youth and adults that complements and enhances the themes from the “Warsaw, Varshe" temporary exhibition which focused on the Jewish citizens of Warsaw and the city itself.

MultiWarsaw today

A series of activities dedicated to Warsaw during which we tried to debate "whose" Warsaw was, who could call themselves Varsovians, where the city's borders lied and how many of them there were.