Reportages from the projects:

Short movie about educational series entitled „Between Religions”:

Reportage from the „Human Library” event:

A reportage from the „Museum think-tank” project:

Reportage from the inauguration of the “Recipe for Muranów”:

A video on the „Faces of Diversity”:

A shorten video on the „Faces of Diversity”:

Panel discussion:

Lost heritage? Young Israelis on their way to Poland:

Participants projects:

On refugees: media, images and imaginations:

About ourselves: identity animations:

Femininity and masculinity in the family context:

We, the migrants:

Jewish Warsaw in family tales:

POLIN Choir - „Zamenhof”:

POLIN Choir - „Jew Tube”:

Polin Choir - performance during the Grand Opening of the Core Exhibition:

Polin Choir - the „Dialogue” project:

POLIN Choir - making of: