Events for experts

"Interculturalism in Historical Education" conference

The purpose of the conference was an attempt to give an answer to the question how to use knowledge and reflections about the past for building the attitudes of openness in the globalising world and to explore the potential of diversity in local communities.

The “Education on Diversity – Challenges and Inspirations” Conference

The aim of the nationwide conference entitled “Education on Diversity – Challenges and Inspirations” (April 2016) was to sum up the progress with respect to activities performed within the framework of the “Faces of Diversity” programme as well as to get together and consider the challenges which lie ahead of cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations which focus on diversity education.

Museum think-tank

The project involves the creation of an informal network of museum professionals and organisations that support the development of museology.

Polish-Norwegian seminars

Teaching and learning Polish and Jewish history as a way towards shared life in a diverse and pluralistic society