Against anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice

Anti-discrimination workshops coupled with lectures and discussions on anti-Semitism, racism and hate speech as well as on encouraging examples of how to counteract various forms of prejudice.

Remembering the Porajmos

Events commemorating the Porajmos – the genocide of the Romani and Sinti people. In addition to discussing the topic of remembrance and oblivion with regard to these events, we have also posed questions on the current attitudes towards the Romani people in both Poland and Europe.

Poles, Ukrainians and Jews – past and present

An educational course for Poles and Ukrainians. The programme consisted of meetings, discussions and workshops which presented an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge on the history of Polish-Ukrainian relations as well as on the history of Jews in this part of Europe.

Attitudes towards violence

An educational course designed to expand one’s competences in identifying prejudice, discrimination and hate speech. The course also formed an opportunity to talk about how can one react effectively to these phenomena. The participants of the course have jointly organised an event known as the “human library”.

On refugees

A programme of activities designed to analyse the position of refugees both in a historical perspective and with regard to the present – including a critical analysis of the media in connection with the current refugee crisis.


Educational activities referring from various perspectives to the topic of migration as well as to the processes of shaping the image of a typical migrant.